Five brave people have stepped up to the scale to join Dr. Phil's "Staying Alive in 2005" Weight Loss Challenge. Watch them closely, because if they don't lose the weight they resolve to lose and master all seven keys - and you do - you could take their place in the Challenge!


Success Stories
Just one year ago, Anna Marie, James and Cheryl were full of excuses about why none of the diets out there worked for them. They started Dr. Phil's plan " not a diet, but a lifestyle adjustment " and everything changed.
Learn how they did it.


Meet the Challengers
These five Challengers resolve to lose weight year after year, but they never follow through. Will they be successful this time by following Dr. Phil's seven keys?
See their stories.


The Audience Weighs In
The audience joins Dr. Phil's New Year's Challenge. "I want this audience to lose a ton " 2,000 pounds " by the time we put you back in these chairs," Dr. Phil says.


The countdown begins.


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