Is your child so committed to sports that his grades are suffering? What should you do when winning on the court or field means failing in the classroom? Oscar-nominated actor Samuel L. Jackson, who portrays a controversial coach in the upcoming movie "Coach Carter," joins Dr. Phil to offer advice. Plus, what some professional athletes have to say about putting education first.

Controversial Coach
Ken Carter chose to lock up his school gym, forcing his basketball team to forfeit games until they got their grades up. His inspirational story is being told on the big screen.


Samuel L. Jackson plays Coach Carter.


Straight to the NBA?
Jordan, 14, doesn't care about his schoolwork because he thinks he'll go pro right after high school. His mother doesn't want to crush his dream, but wants him to get a reality check.


Why he needs a backup plan.


Obsessed with Football
John, 13, is failing in school because he can't focus on anything but football. He plans on being drafted into the NFL from college.

Some words of wisdom from the pros.

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"Coach Carter"
In theaters nationwide January 14

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