Baby Updates

Dr. Phil continues his adoption series with more touching, heartbreaking and inspirational stories.


See Part 1 and Part 2 of this series.

Going Too Far?
Kim placed her son for adoption 18 years ago, but is now consumed with meeting him. Though he says he isn't ready, Kim goes to his sports games, takes pictures of him and has left him a note on his car. 

What if he never wants to meet her?


And Baby Makes Three
Desperate to adopt a baby and tired of being disappointed, Jack and Jill sought Dr. Phil's help. He convinced them not to give up and when they returned, they were offered the gift of a lifetime.


Meet Jack Jr.


Hysterectomy Heartache
Tammy claims that her husband Rudy agreed they would adopt a baby after she had to have a hysterectomy. Now she feels tricked and betrayed because Rudy changed his mind.


Should she leave her husband to fill this need?


A Wake-up Call
Bobby and Melissa met with Dr. Phil after trying to bond with their adopted son, AJ, for a year. They wanted to know what they were doing wrong.


Making big changes.