Has Dr. Phil ever said something that just set you off? These viewers get a chance to give him a piece of their mind!

Kids in Showbiz
Anne says Dr. Phil's show on stage parents give parents like her a bad name.



Did she listen?


Threesomes Therapy?
Robyn is a sex therapist who says Dr. Phil is judgmental about swingers!



They face off.


Too Easy On a Cheater?
Michelle couldn't believe Dr. Phil didn't "rip apart" Ed, who was cheating on his wife. 



Did she miss the point?


Single and Happy
Sandy says her ears nearly fell off when she heard a promotion for an upcoming show.


Perpetuating an old myth?


Rewarding Bad Behavior?
Kathleen was shocked when Dr. Phil bribed one of his guests with her dream engagement ring. 


Dr. Phil argues both sides.


Psychics: A Gift or a Scam?
April thinks Dr. Phil is "flat out wrong" when it comes to psychics and people who believe in them.


Standing by his opinion.

Do you want to debate Dr. Phil? Tell us why.

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