When in-laws are meddling, disapproving, demanding and condescending, it can really tear a family apart. If you have a problem with your extended family, Dr. Phil has advice.

'I Have the Worst In-Laws'
Kasey calls her mother-in-law, Carol, "the little devil." She blames her in-laws for ruining her wedding and says they've encouraged her husband, Luke, to divorce her.

"I'm caught in the middle," says Luke.


Belligerent Brother-in-Law
Judi says her brother-in-law, Matt, is so rude and hostile that he once threatened her with a gun. "I really can't stand him. I think he's abusive," she cries.

Can they coexist peacefully?


Feuding Mother-in-Laws
Kerry's mom and her mother-in-law have been fighting, cursing, meddling and competing about who gets to spend time with the grandkids. She's ready to cut them out of her life forever.

What are they so mad about?