Dr. Phil calls Dr. Bill Cosby "a national treasure" who's been making audiences laugh for decades and has dedicated his life to making the world a better place. Together, they get real about some of the issues facing children and parents in today's rough and tumble world.

In his latest movie, Fat Albert, Dr. Cosby sends a message to kids in the inner city and everywhere: you can be all that you can be.

The cast of Fat Albert.  


A Teen In Trouble
Evander, 14, disrespects his mother, is mean to his brothers and has low self-esteem, much like the young girl in Fat Albert.


Dr. Cosby inspires Evander. 


Too Much TV
Julie and Andy worry about their 11-year-old daughter, Casie, who watches TV up to 40 hours a week and does little else with her free time.

Will Casie change her ways?


Making Headlines
This past summer, Dr. Cosby's candid opinion about the African-American community gained media attention. While some agree with him, others were offended.

A viewer's opinion. 


A True Cosby Kid
Despite many childhood challenges, 21-year-old Skylar is determined to graduate college, become a teacher and be the best husband and father.

A surprise for Skylar.

Extra Content

The Fat Albert cartoon is now out on DVD.