Every parent has big dreams for their children, especially if you think you're raising an exceptional kid, but could you be pushing them too far? And do you want them to live up to your own dreams or to theirs? Dr. Phil examines the fine line between supporting your children's aspirations ... and pushing them to unrealistic limits and setting them up for failure.

"A Musical Prodigy"
Ed and Diane would love if their son, Barry, became the next Barry Manilow, but they worry because they say his tremendous talent is causing him to be bullied by jealous kids.


How can Barry fit in?


Raising a "Superkid"
David and Deandra have done everything in their power to insure that their 22-month-old daughter, Madelyn, becomes a "superkid," even sacrificing their own marriage.


Are they putting Madelyn in harm's way?


Sports Fanatics
Charlene and her fiancé, Mark, are so prepared for their 8-month-old son to become a successful athlete, that they named him JJ because it sounds like a catchy sports name.



"If JJ did not want to be in sports, his mother would be devastated."