They're bratty, immature, spoiled and irresponsible. You love them, but sometimes, you just want to give them the boot! Dr. Phil has advice for dealing with friends and family members who just won't grow up.

Third Wheel Moocher
Jamie is sick of taking care of her freeloading 23-year-old brother. Now that she's engaged, she wants to kick him to the curb!

Is she to blame for his lifestyle?



"Grow Up or Get Out!"
Dave spends all his money on video games, maxes out his credit cards and buys gifts for himself. His wife says his immature ways forced her to kick him out.

How can he take charge of his life?


"I Want My Blankie!"
Buzz is at her wits' end because she can't get her 22-year-old roommate, Abby, to stop wearing footsie pajamas and give up her "Blankie."


What's the real deal behind Abby's behavior?