It's the affair that has everyone talking! Ed, a successful doctor, revealed to his wife, Kandi, that he was having an affair and his mistress is pregnant. Now, with the baby due in less than eight weeks, Dr. Phil checks back in.

Their first meeting with Dr. Phil.
One month later.

The Last Straw?
After visiting her dying father, Kandi returns home to more bad news.

The other woman exposed. 


In the Crossfire
Ed has moved out, but the kids are still caught in the middle.

Dr. Phil's rules.


Another Other Woman
Joi is involved with a different married man, and has also had his child. She says wives of cheaters are 'dumb' and 'in denial.'

Kandi's words to Joi. 


No Looking Back
Brittany caught her husband in a web of sick lies when she and his girlfriend compared notes.

Her advice for Kandi.