Everywhere you turn, it seems people are talking about Brad and Jen's breakup, J-Lo's latest marriage, and Paris Hilton's anything. Is America's obsession with celebrities out of control?

Brad Pitt Fanatic
Marie is so in love with Brad Pitt that she's lost all sense of reality. She can't stop reading and fantasizing about him, and daydreams that they'll get married one day.



Is her obsession normal?  



Stuck on Jessica Simpson
Stacie will do anything to look like Jessica Simpson. She's even considered getting more plastic surgery just so she can resemble her idol.


Is cosmetic surgery the answer?  



Addicted To Celebrity Style
Katy loves being a fashionista. With 120 pairs of shoes and 40 purses in her closet, her habit has gotten so bad that her husband cut up her credit cards.



"It's a status thing," she says. 



Wrestling With an Obsession
Cathy says her husband, Paul, watches so much professional wrestling that it's "unhealthy," and he wants her to get over her obsession with Dr. Phil!


Can they reach a compromise? 



Dr. Phil Double Take
Thanks to America's obsession with celebrities, Wayne gets a lot more attention than he used to.

Is he a dead ringer for the Doctor?