Dealing with one meddling mother-in-law is hard enough. Imagine having to put up with two feuding, competitive, controlling and combative mothers-in-law at the same time! See what happened on the last show. 

Backstage Reactions
The family speaks out about all the feuding after the last show.

Who's to blame?


Winnebago Experiment
Tensions run high when Dr. Phil sends the mothers-in-law on a weekend camping trip.

Can they get along? 


A Son-in-Law's Struggle
Ernie feels unfairly picked on by his mother-in-law, Wanda, and says she loves to start conflict.

Will he stand up to her? 


Grandkids in a Tug-of-War
Ernie and Kerry's two daughters are caught in the middle of this mother-in-law crossfire.

Dr. Phil's advice.