Could you have attention deficit disorder (ADD) and not even know it? ADD is the most commonly diagnosed disorder in children, but oftentimes it is misdiagnosed and many go undiagnosed. There are at least as many adults who have been slipping through the cracks as well. Dr. Phil has advice for determining if you or your child has ADD and ways to ease the effects.

Adult ADD
Kat was recently diagnosed with ADD. She and her husband, Jamie, say it's the reason their marriage is on the rocks.



Does Kat really have ADD?


"Energizer Bunny"
Leslie and Jerry say their 4-year-old son, Kevin, runs them ragged all day, throwing tantrums and demanding everything his way. Does he have ADD or is he just acting his age?


Could they be contributing to this behavior? 


Refusing to Medicate
"I don't want to drug my child," says Dawn. "I don't understand why medication is the be-all and end-all."

Dr. Phil and Dr. Lawlis weigh in.

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    How to Help Your Child Now
    by Dr. Frank Lawlis

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