Imagine your wedding day has finally arrived and things are going as planned. Then, when you least expect it, disaster hits, turning your dream day into a nightmare.

Drunken Bride
Marlee is still haunted by her wedding day, when she got so drunk that her husband had to put her to bed before they cut the cake!

Over two years of guilt. 


Wedding Day Amnesia
Patrick can't remember his wedding, and his wife, Ann, can't forgive him or her father for the accident that caused Patrick's memory loss.



Choosing to forgive.

How are they now?  


Stormy Wedding
Melanie feels her catastrophic wedding can only mean one thing ... that her marriage to Mike was doomed from the start.

Dr. Phil disagrees.

Dr. Phil tells his guests: "Nothing goes perfectly. If you go into these things with the expectation that things are going to be perfect, you'll be disappointed every time. You've got to kind of roll with it and embrace it and make it part of the lure that becomes your life. It makes for great stories! And while it's serious to y'all, you do need to have a sense of humor about it some. If you can't laugh at yourself and your circumstance, then you will cry."

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