You might not realize it, but the way you live is a choice. If you're living in disarray, it's time to find out why and turn things around.

An Accident Waiting to Happen
Teresa has been tripping, falling and hurting herself all her life. Her family's even considered putting 911 on speed dial!

Why can't she get it together?


Clutter Crisis
Kim is completely overwhelmed by her messy house. "My house is a disaster and it has to change," she says.

What's behind her sloppy ways?


King of Unfinished Projects
"My house is falling apart around me," complains Jody. Her husband, Rick, insists on fixing everything himself, and she says he's turned their home into a living hell of half-done projects.

Could she be to blame?


Who Let the Dogs Out?
Josh and Edie are expecting their first child, and Josh fears their three dogs will destroy the house. Edie says if Josh gets rid of them, she'll get rid of him.

Can they compromise?

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