Money can cause jealousy, bitterness and rip entire families apart. Is it really worth it? And is it really even about the money? Dr. Phil steps in to settle two painful family feuds.

Three Years of Silence
After their father passed away, Carole and Jay were ordered by the court to pay a $270,000 judgment made against their father's estate.

A bitter family battle ensued. 


Is It About the Money?
Dr. Phil takes a look at a tragedy in Carole and Jay's family that happened 30 years ago. Could that be what this feud is really about?

Carole and Jay end the silence. 


A Daughter's Ultimatum
Christy owes her mother, Jackie, $100,000, but refuses to pay it back unless Jackie gets rid of the registered sex offender she's living with.  

Holding the money hostage.

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