Brad and Kenda are desperate parents who are concerned their adult son is involved in dark and disastrous sexual behavior. Dr. Phil attempts to unravel the details, find out the truth and help heal the family.

Their Last Hope
Brad and Kenda fear that their adult son, Mikai, has been inappropriate with girls as young as 13, and may have even molested his own sister when she was 2 years old.

"He is so obsessed with sex," Kenda says. 


Meet Mikai
Mikai denies the allegations made by his family, and explains that his past experiences have confused him sexually.



"I know I'm capable of it, but I wouldn't do it."  


His Brothers' Perspective
Mikai's three younger brothers share their thoughts about his behavior.


"I want him out of the house," his youngest brother says.

See Part 2 — The polygraph results are revealed.
Find out how the family is doing now.

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