You could be sitting next to one in church or standing next to one at the grocery store. Who is trying to prey on your children? Dr. Phil goes into a maximum security prison and inside the mind of a child predator. Learn how they operate and how to spot them.

Spotting a Predator
The most dangerous pedophile might look like the person next door. A convicted child molester explains how he deceived children and their parents.

"I look like an all-American boy."

Don't Let it Happen to You
These adult victims of child predators don't want it to happen to anyone else. Hear how they were "groomed" as victims. 

What you should look for.

What Parents Can Do
As scary as it may be, parents need to talk to their kids about sexual predators. If kids are aware and have a plan of action, they have a better chance of staying safe.


Tips for keeping your kids out of danger.

Extra Content

  • Could a sexual offender be living in your neighborhood? Visit the State Sex Offender Registries Web site to find out.