Would you know if your spouse was cheating? Is he spending late nights at the office, working out a little extra at the gym, or perhaps you've even found lipstick on his collar? Find out how to protect yourself and how you can catch your spouse if you're suspicious that he's being unfaithful.

Undercover Investigation
A Dr. Phil producer goes undercover to investigate Web sites that help married men and women "hook up."

See what happens on her "blind date."


Is He Cheating?
Candace says everyone knows her husband is a "hound dog," and she's trying to catch him to find out the truth.

Is Candace being honest with herself?


Can Their Marriage Survive?
Scott has admitted to cheating on his wife, Tracy, during their marriage. He wants forgiveness, but she's not convinced he's stopped.


"I am a new person," Scott contends.


The More You Know
Private investigator Bill Mitchell has caught more than 2,000 married men cheating. He's written a book that includes warning signs.

Eight signs of infidelity.


DrPhil.com Exclusive
After the show, the audience has some words for one of the guests.

What you didn't see.

Extra Content

The More You Know: Getting the Evidence and Support You Need To Investigate a Troubled Relationship
by Bill Mitchell