Could you be raising a cheater? Or is your teen turning his bedroom into a casino? Dr. Phil takes on two dangerous teen trends that are making headlines across the country.

Hi-Tech Cheating
Nowadays, students are using everything from camera phones to text messages so they can lie and cheat their way to the head of the class.

Why parents can be part of the problem.


Ron admits to plagiarizing his school papers because he's too lazy to put in the work. His twin sister, Tricia, says he's an "idiot" and resents him for taking the easy way out.

A wake-up call for parents.


The Poker Craze
Tammy thinks her 19-year-old nephew, Shane, is addicted to poker. Shane says it's just a hobby and she's over-reacting.

Harmless trend or addiction?


Dr. Phil's Message to Parents
"The world is changing really fast. What we used to see, what we used to do, is as different from one generation to another as I think has ever occurred," he says. "We've got to dial in. We've got to plug in. We've got to see what is going on, because these are intelligent kids and they keep coming up with amazingly creative ways to self-destruct. So tune in, ask the questions, know what your kids are talking about."

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