The real work begins when the guests leave the stage. How are these guests doing now?

A Brand New Woman
Three months after drug treatment, Deborah's doing better than ever. But she has a new problem.


A "desperate housewife."

Her new addiction. 


Still Running?
Danae is a self-proclaimed "runaway bride" who's broken five engagements.

Why she kept saying yes.

She has a new question. 


A Rocky Marriage
Jason and Brandy were fearing divorce because of his lying and her snooping through his things.



See their story.

Who's the liar now? 


Lacking Intimacy
Pam felt her husband, Kirk, was withholding sex. Kirk wished his wife had a "bigger butt."

Dr. Phil's initial advice.

His latest analysis. 


Self-Conscious No More
After losing nearly 75 pounds, Paul wanted plastic surgery on his "man breasts."




What did Dr. Phil think?

Now anxious for summer.


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