Recently, Brad and Kenda's 19-year-old son, Mikai, admitted he had acted sexually inappropriate with his younger sister, as well as other underage girls. Find out what happened after the show, and where Mikai is now.

See what happened on the first show.
Get caught up up with part 2.

Backstage Reactions
After Mikai is taken to a private room, Dr. Phil talks with Brad, Kenda and their other three sons. Then Kenda visits with Mikai.


Emotions run high. 


Picking Up the Pieces
Mikai went into treatment, and the family headed home to try and put their lives back together. 

The challenges continue. 


Reality Sets In
Brad and Kenda must face their own emotions about the situation.



Dr. Phil's advice. Exclusive
After the show, Dr. Phil answers questions from the audience.

What you didn't see.

Update: Mikai returns. 

Extra Content

  • National Sexual Violence Resource Center