If you feel like you're living hand-to-mouth and drowning in bills, Dr. Phil offers some "financial CPR" to help you turn things around.

'Financially Challenged'
Dawn says her husband, Trent, is clueless when it comes to money. She says they're broke because he spends hundreds of dollars every month on cigarettes, gum and soda.

How can they get out from under? 


Managing Money After Divorce
Lisa let her ex-husband control the finances when they were married, and now says she doesn't know how to budget money or balance a checkbook.


What every woman must know about finances. 


Keeping Up With the Joneses
Maria and Brian use their home equity to pay for luxury cars, Hawaiian vacations and home renovations. Now they're nearly $400,000 in debt.


"We felt a sense of prestige," Brian says. 

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All Your Worth:
The Ultimate Lifetime Money Plan

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