With half of all marriages ending in divorce, you've either been through it or you've seen it: the nasty, unfair and extreme measures parents go to when fighting for the custody of their children.

A Father's Plea
Tim claims his ex-wife, Judy, intentionally moved their kids to the other side of the country in an effort to "erase" him from their lives.



Dr. Phil's stern words for Tim and Judy. 


Missing Children
Tina last saw her daughter and son nine months ago when they drove off with their father during a weekend visitation. Now, he's in jail and they're nowhere to be found. 


Could one woman have the answers? 


New information is revealed.


How You Can Help
Dr. Phil offers these words for anyone who may know the whereabouts of Tina's children, Lindsey and Sam.


Dr. Phil's promise. 


Protecting Your Child
Dr. Peter S. Waldstein created a Child Identity Kit. It's designed to collect data about kids, like fingerprints and DNA, to assist police should a child go missing.

For more information, call (800) 388-9573 or visit www.drpetersidkit.com

Extra Content

  • Detective Harold Copus
    E-mail: hcopus@bellsouth.net
    Phone: (770) 547-0045
    He is working with Tina to find her children.
  • Terri O'Grady, MSW
    San Clemente, CA