From empty nest blues to doctor phobias to a woman who's desperately trying to marry off her daughter, Dr. Phil and Robin reach into the mailbag and take questions from mothers. 

What's your question?

Empty Nest
Lisa is distraught because her daughter is leaving for college.

How can she cope?


Emmy Etiquette
Attending the daytime Emmys for the first time, one viewer wants to know how to make a great impression.

What Robin has learned.


'Why Is My Daughter Single?'
Velda is so worried that her 30-year-old daughter, Stefanie, isn't married, she lies awake at night.

What did she do wrong?


Keeping Memories Alive
Like Robin, Kari lost her parents earlier than expected. How can she make sure her children don't forget their grandparents?

A family legacy.


No Doctor in a Decade
A misdiagnosis years ago made Kim lose her trust in doctors and she says she'll only go if she's carried in on a stretcher!

Can Robin calm her fears?


Mustache Debate
Gene is trying to convince her husband to shave off his mustache. She wants to know: Has Robin ever asked Dr. Phil to shave his?

What would he look like?

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