Are you familiar with the uncontrollable urge to get even? These guests say they can't get past their feelings of anger, resentment and pain.

Partially Paralyzed
Fifteen years ago Gretchen accidentally caused a car crash that nearly killed her sister, leaving her partially paralyzed and in constant pain.

Torn apart by anger, resentment and guilt.


Stabbed Nine Times
A year ago, 22-year-old Scott was stabbed to death and his killer walked free. His family is consumed with a need for revenge.

Is anger necessary in a quest for justice?


Final Thoughts:
"It's bad when things happen in life that cause change that we don't want," says Dr. Phil. "We lose loved ones, we lose parts and pieces of our lives that we don't want to lose. But if we let thoughts of anger and revenge eat away at us inside, the cost is absolutely too high."