Losing weight and getting in shape is not about a crash diet; it's about changing your lifestyle for good. Dr. Phil and this year's weight loss Challengers show you how to lose weight, get in shape and be ready for summer!


Weight Worries at Work
Lori was a cocktail waitress at a casino in Atlantic City until they implemented a new policy: gain weight and you're fired!


Dr. Phil's advice to Lori.



The Five Fearless Challengers
They're back to weigh in and see who will be the next to get the boot!



Which viewer joins the Challenge?

Family WLC Update
Dr. Phil checks in with Team Pennington and Team Hall to see which team has reached their goals and which team came oh so close.

 See how far they've come.

Who wins the Family WLC?

Overweight Brides Update
Soon-to-be brides worked their tails off to fit into their dream wedding gowns. The competition heats up and one of them wins the big prize.

 See where they started

Which bride wins the next big prize?


Elgin WLC Update
The Elgin community checks in with their progress.

 Elgin's wake-up call.

 Dr. Phil's surprise for them.


See more guest follow-ups here!

Extra Content

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