What would people say if they knew the person you are behind closed doors " "the real you"? Dr. Phil helps his guests break free from their social masks and start living authentically.

Shopaholic or Thief?
Sherie's family and friends see her as the trendy "it" girl. But keeping up that expensive image is costing her more than she ever bargained for.

Dr. Phil's stern words for Sherie.


Mr. Clean
They're an attractive, wealthy couple with an envious lifestyle. But inside their home, Ed's ways have Tanaiya walking on pins and needles.

"He has Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder."


Crime Victim
Every singe day, Jennifer puts on a mask to hide her feelings of terror.

"I pretend to be strong, but it's only a facade."

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  • Adrienne Cohen, MFT
    Laguna Beach, CA