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The trial captivated the nation: two baby-faced boys, Alex and Derek King, were convicted of bludgeoning their father to death with a baseball bat.  But they were not the only ones on trial for the killing. In a separate trial, Ricky Chavis, a 40-year-old family friend and convicted pedophile, also faced charges of killing the boys' father, Terry King. Chavis was acquitted, but still faces charges of lewd and lascivious acts upon Alex and tampering and obstructing the investigation.

Dr. Phil brings Assistant State Attorney David Rimmer, who prosecuted both cases, and three jurors in the boys' trial " who say they have unfinished business with the prosecutor " face to face.


Kristin High, a student at Cal State L.A. and the mother of a 2-year-old boy, drowned earlier this month, along with one of her fellow Alpha Kappa Alpha pledges. Her mother and her fiancé believe sorority hazing rituals are to blame. Authorities have ruled it as an accidental death at this time.

"The story kept changing and changing," says her mother, Patricia Fargas, of what she was told by several sorority sisters after the tragedy. She has filed a $100,000,000 lawsuit against Alpha Kappa Alpha, the nation's oldest black sorority. "They must be held accountable."
With millions of college students joining sororities and fraternities, Dr. Phil poses important questions that need to be asked to protect your children.


Trev Broudy, 33, was walking home with a friend, whom he embraced, when he was struck in the back of the head and nearly beaten to death " reportedly because he is gay.

Now out of a coma and in rehabilitation, Broudy is doing well.

"This thing that is prejudice or hate " whatever it's called " that's not how I raised my son, and we've got to stop it before it spreads," says Joy Verner, Broudy's mother.

"People that do that are cowards and scum, and we need to find them and bring them to justice," says Dr. Phil of the perpetrators. "That is not OK."