Tara had big dreams when she married Steve. Now, she feels like she's signed on to a life of misery and a mother-in-law who butts into their business.

Three's A Crowd
Tara and Steve live just two blocks away from his mom, Kathy. She drops by unannounced and criticizes Tara all the time. Steve says his mom is only trying to help, but Tara says she's no help at all!

"I think Kathy's trying to cause trouble."


Broken Vows
Dr. Phil takes the couple back to their wedding chapel to see if they can reconnect. The conversation takes a surprising turn when Steve drops a bombshell that shocks even his mom, who's listening in.

Steve's startling confession.


A Family Meeting
Dr. Phil brings Kathy into the conversation. She has some harsh words about her son's lying and betrayal.

Dr. Phil's advice to the couple.


Another Bombshell
After Dr. Phil leaves, Steve is left to face his wife and mother alone. He has more news and says he wants to "come clean."

Can this marriage be saved?