It's OK to be thrifty, to want to look younger than your age and to make people laugh. But can you take a good thing too far?

"Bargain Queen"
Lorie buys used undergarments, cuts the mold off fruit, and enforces a five-square toilet paper limit! Her daughters can't take it any longer.


Is there such a thing as too frugal?


Too Much Surgery?
Laura, 54, has had 19 cosmetic procedures and doesn't plan on stopping there. Next, she wants butt implants! Although two doctors have said no, she wants a third opinion.


What does Dr. Phil think?


Prankster Husband
Michelle says her husband is her third child because he jokes around and pulls pranks on their family all the time. He crossed the line when he mooned his mother-in-law.

Taking humor too far?

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