It's the ultimate intervention when Dr. Phil pays a visit to TV's favorite dysfunctional family, the Osbournes! Plus, when it comes to family, what's normal and what's not?

The expletive-loving Sharon and Ozzy discuss "empty nest" syndrome with Dr. Phil, and also wonder if their parenting style has impacted their kids Kelly and Jack.

An emotional moment for the family.

What they said when Dr. Phil wasn't around!


'Meet the Fockers'?
Is it normal to discuss masturbation, orgasms and sex ... with your in-laws?

See what Dr. Phil thinks.


'Not My Daughter'
Carl and Barb worked hard to move past his infidelity early in their marriage. They recently learned that he had a daughter with his mistress. Now Barb resents that Carl wants to bond with her.

Will she ever accept his child?