How would you react if you were the victim of a senseless act of violence that changed your life forever? Dr. Phil talks to ordinary people with incredible stories of survival.

Shots Fired
Two years ago Jason was a respected deputy sheriff, a newlywed and an expectant father. Then he answered a domestic violence call that changed his life forever.

 How Jason can get his life back.


Fighting to Survive
Robin McGraw's sister, Cindi, was nearly killed when a stranger threw a vat of acid through the windshield of her car. She was severely burned on her face and body and scarred forever.



How Cindi maintained her spirit and will to live.

Extra Content

  • Officer Needs Assistance Fund
    Dan and Jason started a nonprofit organization to provide help to law enforcement officers or their families after an injury or in case of death on the job.

  • A Random Act:
    An Inspiring True Story of Fighting to Survive and Choosing to Forgive

    by Cindi Broaddus with Kimberly Lohman Suiters
    Read an excerpt from Cindi's book.
  • Skin Rejuvenation Center
    The healing powers of aloe vera helped Cindi recover. For more information, click here.