It's been three years and 500 episodes! Relive some of Dr. Phil's wildest moments and see what surprises are in store " even for Dr. Phil!

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Celebrity Surprises
Dr. Phil's staff keep him on his toes with celebrity appearances, personal messages and his favorite musical guests!


"I can't believe it!"


Favorite Moments
An amusing look at Dr. Phil's "country slang," and a touching tribute to Dr. Phil's family.

What's a "Philism?"

The First Dr. Phil Family
It's been a year since we saw Erin, Marty, Alexandra and Katherine. And baby Nathan is now 18 months old!

How are they now?



Amazing Gift Giveaways
Dr. Phil's "superfan" gets the surprise of a lifetime. Plus, an inspiring teen's amazing weight loss, and more gifts from Dr. Phil's family and the staff.

A labor of love.

Extra Content