How many times has your little one come up with a question that left you scratching your head thinking, "How do I answer this?" From the birds and the bees to bullying and illness, Dr. Phil offers advice.

Sleeping Habits
Carol has let her kids sleep with her for the past 10 years. Now she wants them to feel comfortable in their own beds.
Dr. Phil looks at the cons of co-sleeping and gives other strategies.


Nine-year-old Katie says she's being picked on by four girls in the neighborhood. "It kind of makes me feel angry and mad," she says.

Dr. Phil has advice about bullying.


Kim was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and underwent surgery that left her with a severe scar. The cancer could re-occur or spread, and she worries about the impact on her family.

How can she talk about the illness with her son?



Birds and the Bees"Why do girls get boobs and boys don't?" asks one little girl. "Where do babies come from?" asks another inquisitive youngster.
Dr. Phil can help you explain.