They're not just lurking in the schoolyard anymore. A new generation of bullies is taking the torture and humiliation to a whole new level. Dr. Phil and his son, Jay, want to put an end to it.


Bullied Out of School
When Tess, 14, got to middle school, she says the girls she thought were her friends started making her life a living hell.


The bullying has followed her home.



A Tragic Outcome
Rochelle saw no signs that her daughter, Corrine, was being bullied mercilessly in school, until tragedy hit only six days after her 13th birthday.

Advice for parents.


"It makes me feel horrible."
Twelve-year-old Mark says he is hit, kicked, shoved and spit on every day at school. His parents fear for his safety.

"I can't take it anymore," he cries.



A Surprise Guest
He got picked on and bullied as a kid, but found his gift, embraced it and changed the experience of his life.

A mega pop star's story. Exclusive
After the show, Dr. Phil talks with his guests and the audience.

What you didn't see.