Today's guests are either clueless about how much debt they're in or are keeping their mate in the dark about it. Dr. Phil looks at how they got this deep, and what they can do to start digging out.

Budget Busters
Jamie and Virginia say they don't know how they managed to rack up $75,000 in credit card debt, even though they travel around the world and spend extravagantly.

It's actually worse than they think.


Debt Denial
Shawn is an inventor who has made a million dollars and lost it. His fiancée, Christina, says he's in denial about his debt.

"You are stone-cold broke," Dr. Phil tells him.


See Shawn's update.


Marrying Into Debt?
Doug and Peg talk about everything, except his big-time debt. She has no idea how deep he's in.

Will Doug's debt be a deal-breaker for Peg?

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