They're eating worms, swapping wives and lying to their families for cash and prizes! Dr. Phil examines the good, the bad and the ugly side of reality TV. Plus, a wake-up call for fans who need a reality check.

Obsessed With Reality TV
Dawn has applied to over 100 reality shows and plans her days around her TV schedule. Her husband and daughter feel like she's more in tune with the TV than she is with them.


"This is out of balance," Dr. Phil says.


"You're Fired!"
Millions tune in to hear Donald Trump say these words every Thursday night on The Apprentice. Now, he weighs in on reality TV.

See what Trump has to say.


"Most Hated Woman"
Dr. Phil and Donald Trump take on Omarosa. She has some harsh words for the man who fired her, while "The Donald" calls her a "disaster."



Omarosa and Trump face off.


"I Tasted Human Flesh."
She lied at an American Idol audition, and says she's still paying the price.

"I felt like I needed a gimmick," she says.

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