Facing His Parents and Dr. Phil

Mikai's admitted to sexually touching his 4-year-old sister and being sexually inappropriate with other underage girls. Now that he's spent two months in treatment, can his parents trust him again? And can he turn his life around?

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Home Without Mikai
As more of Mikai's history is revealed, Brad and Kenda try to pick up the pieces. After two months, and with conflicting feelings toward their son, they visit Mikai in treatment.

Is Kenda sabotaging her son?


Family Therapy
Brad and Kenda sit down with Mikai and his therapists at the treatment center. With their own history of abuse, Brad and Kenda learn the biggest mistake they made in raising their children.

Inside a therapy session with Mikai.


Moving Forward
Mikai faces his parents with Dr. Phil to share in his progress and his frustrations. Dr. Phil has some strong words for Brad and Kenda about what they have to do to move forward as a family.


Can Mikai come home again?

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National Sexual Violence Resource Center