Whether you're looking to lose five pounds or 50, these success stories can help you conquer your battle of the bulge.

When Joell first wrote to Dr. Phil, she weighed almost 700 pounds and feared every day would be her last. See her amazing weight loss and what she's able to do for the first time on the Dr. Phil stage.

"My life is completely different," she says.


A huge surprise for one bride and groom who haven't seen each other since she started losing weight.

What neither of them ever expected.


They wanted to slim down for their big day. Can they now zip up their dream wedding gowns?

Big rewards, including a rock star serenade.


Dr. Phil checks in with the "Staying Alive in 2005" Weight Loss Challengers to see who will be the ultimate winner and receive big prizes.

You won't believe what they look like now!
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