Steve is a raging alcoholic, and his wife, Sheila, violently abuses him when he drinks. Their two young daughters witness the fighting and are trapped in a war zone. Is it too late for this family to be saved?

They were childhood sweethearts and have been married for 13 years. Now, their marriage and family are on the brink of disaster.

See the shocking home video.


Moving Forward
Dr. Phil helps Steve and Sheila take the first steps to end their vicious cycle of alcoholism and abuse, and keep the kids out of the crossfire.

How can they start to heal their family?


Update: How are they now? Exclusive
After the show, Dr. Phil talks with Steve and Sheila and the audience.

What you didn't see.

Extra Content

  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics
    (310) 534-1815
  • Mental Help Net
  • National Association for Children of Alcoholics
    (301) 468-0985
  • Focus Adolescent Services
    (877) FOCUS-AS
  • La Hacienda Treatment Center
    (800) 749-6160
  • Creative Care, Inc.
    (800) 832-3280