Rehabilitation programs for drugs and alcohol are a critical first step — but they are not a quick fix. Today's guests are finding out just how difficult it is to stay clean and sober, and how they can keep moving in the right direction.

Binge Drinking Update
When Weston first came on the show, his parents were worried about his out-of-control drinking. He got sober in rehab, but he broke his sobriety after one week.

Could his parents be sabotaging his progress?


Behind the Headlines
Pat O'Brien makes his living exposing Hollywood scandals, and then he became the headline. The host of The Insider talks about his own battle with alcohol addiction.

"Sobriety is not for sissies," says Pat.

See more of Dr. Phil's interview with Pat.



A Backstreet Boy's Battle
A.J. McLean and his band were at the top of the charts when he hit rock bottom. He opens up about the alcohol and drug addiction that almost ruined his music career.

"I felt this God complex when I would do drugs."



Troubled Son Update
Jennifer came to Dr. Phil for help saving her drug-addicted teen son. She now worries about what will happen when he comes home from treatment.


How can she prepare for his return?

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