Before season three comes to an end, Dr. Phil checks back in with some of your favorite guests.

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She's B-a-a-a-ck!
Donna and Vinnie were the focus of the Relationship Rescue Retreat. You won't believe what gripes she has with Dr. Phil and how she approached the woman who had the affair with Vinnie.

Dr. Phil takes her on again.


Premarital Bootcamp Winners
Erick and Mary Ellen were waiting until they got married to have sex, and had very different expectations. So how was their wedding night?


Since the honeymoon ...


A Slap in the Face
Patrick and Ann spent their wedding night in the emergency room because he couldn't remember getting married.


See what they did after the show.


Like Newlyweds Again?
Remember the amazing husband makeover that left an embarrassed wife speechless? Has he kept up with his new look and lifestyle?


His wife weighs in.


Freeloader No More?
Jeremy was a 28-year-old without a job, car, or girlfriend, and was still living with his parents. Has this major moocher changed his ways?

Two out of four.


National Debut
Dr. Phil recognized Shawn Pander as a real talent who needed a break. We got him that chance and arranged for a recording contract.


He performs his song, "Simplicity."



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