President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush welcomed Dr. Phil and Robin to their ranch in Crawford, Texas to talk about family and raising kids.

"I am really committed to putting family back in America," Dr. Phil tells them. "I think it's what you have put in the White House, and I think it's what we need to put back in America."

The President agrees. "If you have a child, that child has got to be the number one priority in your life," he says. "If you are fortunate enough to be a mother or a father, you're responsible for loving that child with all your heart."

Their Greatest Pride
The president and first lady talk about raising their daughters and their special memories of the girls' childhood. Also, Robin reveals a special connection she shares with the Bush twins.


How did they discipline their daughters?


The Real George W. Bush
President Bush reveals insights into who he is as a person and what life is like at the ranch, away from the White House. He also gives advice to parents raising kids in a world filled with sex, drugs and rock and roll.


The president's message.


The Other Side
Recognizing the importance of knowing our nation's leaders — what kind of parents they are and what their true values are — Dr. Phil also interviews Senator John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry.