As the six brides compete to reach their weight loss goals, they also come clean about the secret they've been keeping from their fiancés.

Fighting About Finances
Before Jacquetta can get real about her weight, she has to deal with the need to control her fiancé Ragin's spending habits.

"Jacquetta's an extremist," says Ragin.


Dangerous Habits
Stephanie, who wants to lose almost 50 pounds, says that she and her fiancé, Paul, have a great relationship, but she fears he might die before they tie the knot.

"I don't want to lose him early," she cries.


Embarrassed By Her Looks
Megan, who's engaged to a medical student, worries about what his peers will think when they see that he has "a fat wife."

Dr. Phil's advice to Megan.


Life on Hold
Chris and Rachel had planned on getting married right after their baby was born. Rachel thought she was too fat and wanted to wait until she lost weight. That was three years ago.


Why did Chris ask her to move out?


Staying on Track
The brides get started on Dr. Phil's Rapid Start program, and receive a major incentive to lose weight.

Dr. Phil's surprise for the brides.



Update: Who is the big winner?

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