You've got the ring on your finger, but are you really ready to walk down that aisle? Dr. Phil continues his three-part series, putting relationships to the test as three engaged couples compete against each other in real-life challenges about teamwork, money, children, in-laws, personal space and sex.

Catch up on what you missed in part one of the bootcamp. Which couples work the best together? And who should think twice about tying the knot?

Getting Physical
First, do the men get tempted by flirtatious women when their brides-to-be aren't around? Then, the couples see what teamwork is all about. 


Jumping through hoops!


Newborn Nightmares
All the couples say they want children some day. So how do they respond to their life-like baby dolls who cry all night long?




Dr. Phil has their report cards.


In-law Surprise
The couples receive some surprise visitors at their hotel — in-laws! Dr. Phil poses some interesting questions that all couples should discuss before getting married.



Setting boundaries.


Personal Space
Shortly after Corey moved in, Mary had difficulty adjusting to the shared personal space. To end the fighting, Corey now sleeps in the basement. 


Is this the right solution?


Poll: Should these couples get married?
Here's what you thought after part one:


Final Thoughts:
"Before you walk down the aisle, you really need to take inventory of yourself," says Dr. Phil. "I've often said that when you come into a relationship, you either contribute to the relationship or you contaminate the relationship based on what you bring into it with you. You've got a learning history, a legacy. Were your parents good role models or bad role models? Did you grow up in an argumentative home where it was hateful and bitter? Or did you grow up in a loving home where it was caring and warm? You really have to take a hard look at who you are and what you are bringing into the relationship with you and you have to make sure that you really know who you're getting ready to forge that relationship with."

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