From the dilemmas of a stay-at-home dad to aggressive kids, Dr. Phil answers your burning questions about parenting using his book Family First: Your Step-By-Step Plan For Creating a Phenomenal Family.

When Dad Breaks the Rules
Matt says when he gets home, he likes roughhousing with his two young daughters. But his wife, Amy, says he breaks her rules and makes her look like the bad guy.


"It's party time when Dad's home," he says.


Stopping Thumb Sucking
Kari can't get her 4-year-old daughter, Emma, to keep her thumb out of her mouth. Should she be worried?



How to get Emma to stop.


Unhappy Being Mr. Mom
Matthew thought being a stay-at-home dad would be fun. Now he worries that cooking, cleaning and watching his two sons makes him feel like less of a man.



"I’m losing my sanity," he says.


Miss Independent
Tracy says she can't get her willful 2-year-old daughter, Alyssa, to stop screaming, yelling and being belligerent.




How can they regain control?


Pacifier Dependency
Trish can't wean her 2-year-old daughter, Emma, off her pacifiers — sometimes she uses three and four at a time!



Dr. Phil's advice to Trish.