Dr. Phil explores two heart-wrenching stories each involving a tug-of-war over a child. When a child is removed from the only parents he/she has known, it traumatizes an entire family. If found fit, should the biological parents automatically have more rights than the adoptive parents? And what's really in the best interest of the child?

A Family Devastated
After raising 3 1/2-year-old Evan since birth, Dawn and Gene were recently forced to return the boy to his biological mother.


Read their heart-breaking story


A Child's Best Interest
Dawn and Gene have been told they're "dead to Evan," but they won't give up the fight to bring him back home. Do they have a chance? And how is this affecting Evan?


Dr. Phil has a message for the birth parents


Forty-five Days to Appeal
Bonnie and Shannon thought they had adopted Christian, a 21-month-old boy whom they've been raising for almost two years. But a legal oversight allowed the birth mother to change her mind.


Desperate to protect Christian.

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  • What Potential Adoptive Parents Need to Know:
    Amy M. Pellman, the legal director for The Alliance for Children's Rights, advises potential adoptive parents to find an adoption attorney who knows the laws where the child was born and also specializes in the type of adoption being sought. "Get as much information as you can and make sure that you have an expert," says Amy.