You've heard the cliché that behind every great man is a great woman. Case and point: Meet Robin McGraw. The spotlight shines brightly on her husband of 29 years, but Robin wouldn't have it any other way. Her star power is behind the scenes.

"When we were deciding about making this huge change in our lives," she says of their move from Dallas to Los Angeles and into a full-time TV gig, "Phillip said he wanted me there every step of the way. 'I can't do this without your support,' he said. 'I want you there. I want you by my side.'"

Though Robin, 52, prefers to stay in the background, keeping her life private and taking care of the family, she now spends her days on Stage 29 at Paramount Studios. She sits in the audience watching her husband in action, prepares feedback, and waits for him to walk her way at the end of the show, so they can head off the set together hand in hand.

"We've been together for 30 years and we've always been each other's number one fan. He wanted me here. So by all means, I'm here," she says. "I just love seeing him do what he does. And it gives him a lot of support. He loves looking out and seeing me. I would never ever be able to stay home and not be here."

Tears start to well in her eyes. "I'm so proud of him," she says. "This is who Phillip is and what he stands for. When he's on that stage, he is Phillip. I love that he's able to give a message that represents who he is, that he can reach out and help one viewer or a million people."