As schools across the country cut funding for music and art programs, Dr. Phil looks at how music enhances self-esteem, improves kids' math and reading skills, and helps them stay out of trouble. Find out how the power of music can change your child's life.

Jordan's Passion
Dr. Phil and Robin can't carry a tune, but they've done everything to support their younger son Jordan's guitar playing.

"It's music to my ears," says Robin.


Jordan and his band, The Upside, often perform at the Roxy in Los Angeles!


Brian's Journey
Multi-platinum artist Brian McKnight performs his hit "Back at One," and advocates keeping music programs in the schools.

How did music change Brian's Life?



The Levite Camp
An amazing group of young people says they'd be stealing, doing drugs and failing school if not for one man and his passion for bringing music into their lives.

"This program is a gift from God."


"Music Heals Me"

Country singer Kevin Sharp says music helped him overcome a disease that nearly took his life.




 Hear his amazing story.


Far From Punk
Eleven-year-old Kiki wanted a guitar more than a Barbie Doll. Find out how music changed her self-esteem, and even her math scores!




"I love my life."


Inspirational Performances
Dr. Phil announces the winner of his talent search, and the Crenshaw Elite High School choir performs. 




Dr. Phil's plea to parents.

Extra Content

Tragedy's Gift
By Kevin Sharp

For a list of state music education resources from the Music For All Foundation, click here.