Do you have piles of junk throughout your house?  Are they taking over your space? Dr. Phil has advice for people whose stuff is beginning to own them.  



Action Figure Hoarder

Colleen says her husband spends more time with his action figure toys than with his family!




 Is it normal for a grown man to play with dolls?



Tearing a Marriage Apart

Heather's hoarding has put her thousands of dollars in debt and filled her house with needless junk.  Now it could cost her her marriage.




 The secrets Heather's been keeping.



The Odd Couple

Tom is a "neat freak," who supposedly didn't realize that his new wife, Gail, is a major packrat.



"Clutter is my way of organizing things," Gail says.

Is Dr. Phil a hoarder?




What you didn't see on the show. 

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